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Our Reach | Mainland Metals Recycling Service Areas in North & South Canterbury.

Mainland Metals is proud to offer comprehensive metal recycling services across a broad region. Our commitment to accessibility and convenience drives us to cater to various areas, ensuring quality recycling services are never out of reach.

With our base in North Canterbury, we extend our services to encompass a wide range of locations, ensuring communities and businesses across these areas have access to premier recycling services.

Canterbury Metal Recycling.

Covering all corners of Canterbury, we provide our full range of recycling services, ensuring timely and efficient collection and processing.

North Canterbury Metal Recycling.

In our home region, we offer personalised and community-focused recycling solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of North Canterbury residents and businesses.

South Canterbury Metal Recycling.

Extending our reach to South Canterbury, we bring our recycling expertise and services to this vibrant region, supporting its sustainability goals.

Selwyn Metal Recycling.

Our services are readily available in the Selwyn district, where we continue to support local businesses and communities with their recycling efforts.

Banks Peninsula Metal Recycling.

From the scenic bays to the bustling townships, Mainland Metals is the go-to recycling partner on the Banks Peninsula.

Hurunui Metal Recycling.

We are committed to serving the Hurunui area, offering reliable and efficient recycling services to its residents and businesses.

If your area isn't listed, or if you're on the fringes of our service regions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're committed to finding solutions and expanding our services to meet your recycling needs.

Beyond these specific locations, we're equipped to serve the wider Canterbury area. We're always willing to discuss your recycling needs, regardless of your location within the region.

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